Danny Way picks Jacksonville Florida to be the location for his next big stunt!

“The Wells Fargo building in downtown is perfect for the biggest vert drop in of all time”


Just hours ago, Monster Energy drink (in partnership with DC Shoes) announced on twitter that Jacksonville Florida will be the next site for Danny Way’s big death defying drop in. “I’ve been look at the site since the 90’s” said Way, “I feel that this is the perfect year to finally have this trick come together.” The vertical legend is said to be partnering up X Games and Team Pain skateparks to get the appropriate dimensions to make the 41 story building skateable. “The guys at Team Pain have shown me some designs of the ramp to get from the vertical to the bank wall, and I am growing ever more confident that we can make this work.”


The event is slated to happen a year ago today on April 1st, 2018. Spectator seats will align the ramp and tickets will range from $100-200. “It’s really a small price to pay” says event organizer and Monster Energy Drink CEO April Foolington. “This guy is risking his life to do the biggest NBD in history.” People who can’t pony up the $100, can watch the event LIVE via their ETN app after paying their $69 subscription fee.

Able Skate Mag got an exclusive interview with Danny Way about this most most recent stunt. Senior Reporter; Nathan Cary asked Way, “Will you have any last words before you attempt this 41 story drop in?” Danny Way replied “yes, considering the event will happen on April 1st, 2018, my last words before the drop in will be “Happy April Fools Day.”