All time greatest tricks at Emerson Skate Park

emersonMaking this list is a hard thing to do. There have been SO many great tricks done at Emerson, most of which have never been recorded. With the help of some friends, Able Skate Mag is sharing with you a list of the best tricks that have gone down at our beloved noisey metal skatepark. Enjoy…

Words, images and illustrations by: Nathan Cary

Clyde Singleton- Noseblunt slide (2011)

One of the best dudes out. Clyde wanted to get a couple of clips for his Blind reissue deck and got three solid tricks within a matter of 60 min. No joke, he did this nose blunt slide three times in a row until he was happy with it.

Mike Peterson- Huge Transfer 8 footer to the 3.5 (2002)

video above courtesy of Hux Jones “Thug Files”

I have heard about this transfer more than any other trick. When I finally saw the footy I was shocked that Mike actually went transition to transition. Many people have tried to recreate this legendary gap. None have been successful.

Tony chandler-50/50 to 6 foot drop (2016)

Tony came out of nowhere and started ripping this park. He pops up, does amazing tricks and then disappears for weeks at a time. When Tony shows up, its  time to sit down and watch. He defies death on a regular basis without the glory of being on camera. Luckily, I grabbed my DSLR out of the car just in time to catch this wild 50/50 to 6 foot drop before it was too late.

Bruce Tyler- switch nose manual to hard flip out (2013)

It was 2013 and there was a best trick contest at emerson. It was loosely organized by an outside group with a questionable prize purse. I think the prize was supposed to be $500 dollars or something. $500 quickly downgraded to $100 and then it turned into a $50 dollar bar tab at a place downtown (unbeknownst to the establishment).  Nevertheless, Bruce came through that day with this amazing switch nose manual hard flip out. I have to mention that this was not a contest sponsored by the Murder Squad. Bruce is not allowed to compete in those. He is just too good.

Bruce Tyler- Ollie to Tail hop in to disaster (2012)

bruce sequnce better

I was at the park to shoot some photos. Bruce explained what he was going to do and I was all “You’re going to do what?”I didn’t fully understand or believe him until BOOM! he did it. Since then, I have tried to explain the trick to others at the park. They usually have the same response “he did what? huh??” it’s too hard to comprehend. Seriously, take the time to pinch and zoom and see this sequence. Its a doozy.

Matt Fink- Kickflip noseslide 270 shuv out (2002)

video above courtesy of Hux Jones “Thug Files”

I could probably devote an entire page to all the amazing tricks that Matt Fink has done at the park that nobody ever believed was possible. I picked this one because it is one of the earliest tricks that I know of on video. Before I actually saw Fink skate I had been hearing rumors of this amazing ripper that came out of nowhere and was blowing minds all across Jacksonville. One day a guy showed to the park and casually did the smoothest switch flip back lip slide going FULL speed and I was like “yep, THAT must be Fink.” From that day on,  perceptions of what is possible at the park would never remain the same.

Rodney Geiger- nollie Flip then blunt fakie (2007)

GIEGER!!! This guy ruled the park. Every time he showed up it was a demo in the making. Full speed, fearless, and with a deep bag of tricks, Rodney is a real force to be reckoned with. I mean seriously, look above. The guy nollie flipped the pyramid and still had enough speed to blunt fakie the 8 foot quarter. This is where power and speed meet grace.

Craig Lockwood- Pole Jam (2008)

Still till this day do not understand how this is even possible. I mean, that thing is going straight up. How did he… wait a second….. let me gather my thoughts. Nope, I still don’t get it. I never will. Props

Next up!

We have Part 2 of our Emerson special. Emerson Illustrated. For the tricks that were never photographed or videotaped, we have recreated them through illustrations.
Part 2 of 3




3 thoughts on “All time greatest tricks at Emerson Skate Park

  1. Anonymous September 1, 2016 / 5:24 am

    Bruce no dought! Either one was the dope shit ! Could be bias cuz hes a friend but none the less fuckin dope!!

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  2. Josh September 3, 2016 / 12:32 pm

    I love the website dude! It made me decide to start skating again

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