Emerson Best Trick Contest (Full Coverage)


It was time again for another event organized by the Murder Squad at Emerson. As usual the contest was a mix of chaos, great friends, beer, and grilled food. This year we got awesome help from our sponsors: The Block Skate Supply and Young Loud and Snotty.

The mag held it’s own little side challenges for cash as well. It was a great turn out of people. There were people who I hadn’t seen in years, people who haven’t skated in years, and people who didn’t actually skate but were there to show their support for the cause. All and all it was a great event that went on past the time the sun went down.

Here’s a few photos from the event

Plenty of Rippers in this photo right here! I was disappointed I wasn’t able to stack up on Chris Kendall footage that day. I heard he was absolutely shreding in the hours leading up to my arrival. Better luck next time.

This picture is my attempt to get the size and scope of people at the park. This is one quarter of the people there at the time. Should’ve done a panoramic.

Here’s Aiden and Ralph! I think Aiden is rocking some hand me down Supreme gear from his father Craig. I wish my dad had cool clothes 

Here we have BusStop Mag’s own Norm Stovall standing next to The Block’s Eric Haddock.  We also have Kona Legend Brad Cantrell with Laura Edgecombe to the right. All skateboarding advocates

Here we’ve got one of the nicest guys. Standing in the middle is Gary, to the left is his daughter and her friend, and to the right we have contest organizer Craig Lockwood. Good group of people, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take a photo of these folks.

Below is 5 minutes of RAW footage from the contest. There isn’t that much “new material” per say, but this time it isn’t edited with 10 tricks every 5 seconds. Hope you enjoy…


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