RETROSPECT: Underpass cookout 2015


It was Sunday, Sept 7th 2015 and the guys really wanted to get up and do a cookout skate session at Emerson, but the weather was not in our favor. There were scattered showers all over town and it looked like the session was not going to happen. Then, there was a grand idea. “Let’s to the cookout under the mainstream bridge!” All parties involved oblidged  and the “Underpass Cookout” became a real thing.

The grill was fired up, and Josh brought the box

bruce can handle a slam with the best of them. Immediately afterwards he got back up and landed his trick

Not enough can be said about the gnarlyness of this box setup. Bruce had to thead the needle between the wall and the Highway sign, then lunge himself towards the box that was balanced on two stones, all the while ducking down so he didnt hit his head on the concrete overhang above. Did I mention that this switch 5050 was just his warm up trick? dang!

Ralph and Bruce have been skating at the underpass together for almost two decades.

Josh, Ralph and Bruce were on the scene to skate, talk tricks, and heckle occasionally

Before we left, the crew that remained paused for a quick group photo