Tony Chandler RAW Footage REEL

Happy birthday to the shredder!


Ben and TJ Game of Skate @ The Block Skate Supply

The good people at “The Block Skate Supply” are a game of skate tomorrow (Friday, Jan 11th) on the newly poured slab of concrete. It’s free admission with a $100 cash prize. Here’s a little fun game between Ben Delepena and TJ Young to help break in the new spot.

Shwilly’s Christmas Jam 2018


Shwilly’s Christmas Jam was a blast! Thanks to all the wonderful people who came out. Shout out to Dean Palmer and family for keeping everyone fed. Thank you to Will Grant for donating all the prize money and to Bruce Tyler for being an awesome announcer. Also, thank you to our sponsors The Block Skate Supply, 5 Star Dustless Blasting & Pap Pap’s Powder Coatings, Winners Circle Active Clothing, StrangeLove Skateboards and Cheezeballs Precision Skate Bearings. We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help. Happy Holidays!!