OP Skatepark Contest Dec 3rd 2016

Orange Park Skate Contest December 3rd 2016

Words and video by Nathan Cary:  Photos by Cameron Joel McEachin

The first Saturday of December was a great day in the county of Clay. Temperature was cool to mild and rain wasn’t at all in the forecast. Skateboarders of varying ages practiced at the park (some locals, some from out of town) for their chance to get into the winners circle.

Many people were behind the scenes to help make this a great event. First and foremost is Angie Palmer who has held it down at the park for over 10 years. Also, there were donors and park planners in attendance who helped make the park what it is today.

Also this contest couldn’t have happened without the help of our MC who held it down on the mic for 4 hours and the judges.Huge thanks to the sponsors The Block Skate Supply, Sunrise Surf Shop, Doom Sk8boards, and Find Your Flow for supplying product. All and all it was a great turn out and a great day. Below is our “Extras” video for to tricks that didn’t make it into the “Highlights reel” and it’s also just a good way for the young kids to get their shine. Those kids are already so talented right now, it’s scary to think about how good they’ll be in a few years. Especially since they will be growing up skating this amazing park.

Also, I want to shout out to our event photographer, Cameron Joel McEachin. Covering these events can be pretty daunting alone, especially when you’re trying to switch between video and photo mode on my gear. I think this is his first time doing a contest  and the photos below will prove that he really did great work.

Appreciate everyone for taking the time to check this article and the site. Till the next event…

All photos by Cameron Joel McEachin
Captions by Nathan Cary

I’m not totally sure of this guys name but every time he skated people cheered “Carlos!” so I’m assuming that’s his name. He ripped Hard

Eric Haddock whipped through this tailslide around the corner admits heckling from his friends. But that’s just how his crew shows love

Austin Kloberg brought a front crook to the big orange monster rail. Crooky Monster!

Not sure if this is a crook or a front nose grind. Either way, Austin Kloberg is gnarly

I had never seen this kid before and didn’t know his name but he reminded me a lot of Natas Kaupas for some reason so when I went to edit the video I named all his files “Natas.” so yeah, anyways… Here’s Natas Kaupas with a frontside flip over the handrail. (Austin Kloberg)

Pat Shaeffer absolutely kills the OP Park. Secret Highlight video of him coming soon. shhhh…

I’m probably the last guy in Jacksonville to have heard of this guy. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t heard of him yet. Nevertheless, Darius Sibley killed it every time he stepped on his board.

A Bennihuana is the rare unicorn of grab tricks. Brave are those who man up to actually try one. I heard that in Canada they call them “cherry pickers.” Either way, Aaron Leavens blasted a huge one at the contest.

Timeless style from a Jacksonville skateboarding icon. Mike Peterson powers through the corner

I’m learning how to get my unmanned pilot certificate at the moment. I’ll probably find out in a couple of weeks how many rules and regulations I’m breaking with just this shot.