Emerson honorable mentions

Ok, so if I could… I would make a “best of” list containing about 50 or more clips, but due to bandwidth constraints, Ive had to pick a few here and there. Honestly a page with 20 animated gifs would never load, and probably ruin you data plan. So with that in mind, here is a few more honorable mentions that I could not fit onto the first page.

Matt Fink-Kickflip over the quarter (2012)

I seriously could do an entire article devoted to just Matt Fink and everything he has done at the park, but I must moderate myself. So here is one more of his amazing tricks he has done at the park. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was first try.

Bruce Tyler- Nollie Inward Heel Flip (2007)

Bruce was on a role this day. I probably filmed a two minute video part of him in 30 minutes. The best part about this nollie inward heel is the fact that he is wearing slip on Vans and smoking a cigarette. It’s like he’s not even trying

Bruce Tyler-= Switch Backside Kickflip fakie transfer (2015)

This happened during Nate Johnson’s birthday bash at emerson. Bruce has had a major knee injury and is still recovering from surgery. From what I understand, Bruce is only capable of skating switch for the time being. His left knee lacks the strength to give him the pop for an ollie so he used his left foot primarily for flipping his board. It’s amazing how Bruce has persevered even with his injury and still landed the best trick of the day. ODB tha MVP.

Ralph Starkel- Bigger spin flip Big Pyramid (2007)

I can’t stress how unorthodox a bigger spin kick flip was in 2007. I mean, now or days you see people like Chris Joslin or Nick Tucker toss them down stair sets and what not, but actually seeing one in the wild back in 2007 was practically unheard of. Thank you Ralph for having the audacity it think such a trick was possible almost a decade ago. (Check out the Nicotine deck!)

Zach Herbert-Backside double kick flip

Every time I see Zach footage on the internet I think it should be edited to “Smooth Operator” by Sade. If I had the power to add audio to this gif, you better believe you would be hearing it right now. It’s one thing to land a trick like this and roll away, it’s a completely other thing to land it and ride away with grace. Zach knows the difference.

Marvelous Armstrong- nollie big spin back disaster

The “silent shredder” Marvelous is amazing to watch on a skateboard. Sometimes he just shows up, and kinda blends in and all of a sudden, BOOM! He does the most amazing tricks. He is the undisputed champ of the big ramps at the park and to watch him ride is inspirational. He rips, 10 minute sessions at a time, landing 30 tricks in his path.

That’s all for now my friends! I wish I could make one giant list with all of the great tricks, and good people that frequent Emerson, but no worries… this is only the beginning. If you know of a trick that belongs on this list, please hit me up in the comments section below or on our Facebook page. Below I have included a survey about Emerson. Thanks again for visiting able Skate Mag. cheers!


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