Op Contest Feb 25th 2017 FULL COVERAGE


Words and videos by Nathan Cary:

Several months had gone by and once again it was time for another contest at the new Orange Park skatepark. Angie Palmer organized another great event which was promoted by many sponsors in the local area. At the last minute Bruce Tyler was asked to be the event’s MC and he obliged. In fact, he did one of the best jobs of any contest MC that I have seen. He really stepped up to the job. It had been a few months since I had set foot in the park and I could immediately tell that the locals have been skating there a lot and had pretty much dialed every inch of the place. Being the filmer for a contest can be a daunting task and I was glad that our staff photographer Cameron Joel McEachin was on hand to put in the work to do our still images. On behalf of the organizers and our last minute MC who put in so much work, Able skate Mag is proud to bring you the full coverage from this years first event.

Here is the highlights video:


After the main contest we were blessed with the donations from Lance Katz, Bruce Tyler, and Angel Raws to hold a best Trick and “bangers for bucks” contest. The guys had put together a prize purse of $300!!!

I took a ton of video at the contest and I want to give some shine to the people that didn’t make the cut of the “highlights” video, and also some of our up and coming rippers in the 12 and under category. Here is the “extras” video:

Able Skate Mag is here to work for ya’ll to help promote our flourishing skate scene. Now enjoy our pictures shot by Cam. Big thanks to him, for I was only able to shoot the winners circle pics.

Roneill Richardson came through on this nice feeble down the big orange rail.

Carlos Mateo blasted this sick frontside air every try the day of the contest

Brody Harris getting gnarly with this ollie from the platty to flatty

Jacob Babbitt landed these stylish backside lip slides every time

We weren’t sure of this rippers name but this text book boneless came out of nowhere during his second run

Again, we weren’t sure of this guys name but this feeble grind was super nice. This guy owns the round rails at this park.





Last but not least, this is the Raw footage from the contest.

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