Kona Skatepark Sesh 2021

Our chief videographer Nate_cary is injured with a foot sprain but is more than happy to skate vicariously 🎥 through the homies that get up and skate Wednesday nights. @tonychandlerxxx @codybraswell94 @christaylor1469 @paultowkach @frontside_chill @___squirrel__ @hard_livn_skatemag @nick_manning29 @drew__hasselhoff @shreddy_brosivelt @willsk8s904 @byondthewall and more contributed to the rad sesh and good energy. Shout out to @juartdesign for ripping so hard despite recovering from a knee injury and thank you to the staff at @konaskatepark for letting @spankye3 get a few last tries after hours! RAW VIDEO BELOW

Able Skate Mag print issue promo

I am proud to announce a print magazine collaboration with Bus Stop Mag. This clip is from our back cover shoot when Michael Peterson from The Block Skate Supply landed this beast kickflip in under 5 minutes. This print issue is dedicated to your first 12 “4 skaters, 10 questions” interviews. Get the issue at the Block soon or find Nathan Cary in his natural habitat! haha! Limited run..