4 Skaters, 10 Questions (Oct 2019)


I had a conversation with a friend of mine the other day about what motivates me to continue doing the mag. He and I discussed how it’s almost like I’m taking “snapshots in time.” Like, everything you see that gets posted here, is NOW. It’s in the present.  However, I feel the full weight and importance of the things I’ve done the past three years can only be truly measured and appreciated say… ten years from now.  Imagine checking back on all 16 of the people I’ve interviewed through this forum, or think about looking back at the RAW contest videos I’ve posted in say… in 2030. In the future I think we can fully reflect on how much we’ve grown, how things have changed and how we were all so young and talented on our skateboards at one time.

It’s with that spirit in mind, I bring you “4 skaters, 10 questions” Part 4.


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