Guest Editorial: Snake Pit on Film by Broom Hands Film

This is a new feature at Able Skate Mag called the “Guest Editorial,” AKA “Guest ED.” This is where anybody who would like to submit photos, videos, and some written content is welcome to post here. Able skate mag is enthusiastic to support our local skateboarders, filmers, photographers and artist. In this first edition we are proud to bring you work from local photographer Broom Hands Film. In this digital age it is easy to point and shoot our DSLR’s and our phones to get the immediate satisfaction of seeing in real time what we have captured. It is people like Nick that carry on the long tradition of over a hundred years of creating images with film. Below we are showcasing several of his photos as well as his written piece he wrote about the Snake Pit. Enjoy! – Nate Cary


Skating doesn’t need perfection and it doesn’t want it. The snakepit is not perfect, its a perfect place to skate. That’s the whole point of a diy, to build a place to skate. 


Cameron started taking it upon himself with occasional help to start building up at the slab about six months or so ago out of nowhere and it’s grown alot since then and still has concrete drying as I type this.


The neighbors and cops seem down, so hopefully cams valiant efforts stay put for us all to enjoy, and keep working to improve. – Nick