It was a Sunday afternoon and our gang of friends came together to pay our respects and condolences to a good friend and a great talent we had lost the weekend earlier. We will forever remember the unique style and grace that Markis Rhoden bestowed upon our beloved skatepark. I had visited Markis a month ago (in June) during a trip to Orlando. He told me about his trip to the skatepark of Tampa, Braydenton Park and to many more great skate parks during his stay in Orlando but said “Emerson is my favorite park, nothing compares to it.”

We filmed a short video at John Goodman skatepark while I was there, and after several frustrating tries for him to get a switch front rock’n’roll  during his line, I said “Hey, Just pretend that Mike Stokes is on top of the quarter pipe yelling at you to “Land it dude!! Land it pussy!!””

Markis landed it the very next time and laughed and said that it was the only motivation he needed. He said he imagined both Stokes and Bruce hyping him up.

That it what is important for us skateboarders. It’s not about skateboarding at the best/most famous spots, it’s about being around good friends. That why when tragic things happen, the best way that we know how to handle it is to make an event to show our appreciating for our friends. That’s why the #shredformarkis event happened. That’s why it will continue. Here’s a collection of photos from last Sunday.

I made it to the park around 3:45 and saw the many cars lining the parking lot on my way in. I had to fix a broken side mirror on my car before attending so I was running late. Plus the weather forecasts were grim!

The biggest surprise to me is that it was raining in every other part of Jacksonville except  Emerson. Almost as if divine intervention came through and made the rain stop just for the Markis memorial. On a typical day it rains at Emerson and nowhere else. I even created meme about it a few years ago (on the right). It has been joked that the metal ramps create a magnetic field that drives the thunderstorms inward.

No event is complete without Dean and his family holding down the grill!

I hope that everyone recognizes the hard work they put into keeping everyone fed and happy.

Classic Shot of the homies

Anyone who has been skating Emerson for about 10 years can understand how significant this photo is. Kyle and Brendan used to rule the spot a decade ago. You couldn’t come to the park without seeing at least one of these two.

How lucky we are to have Trenton and Karizma join us for the day! The future is bright!

Before leaving a ran into this G in the parking lot

Dude, you could take Ben to a ledge, to a handrail, a set of stair, a backyard pool, a vert ramp….. wherever. And the dude will rip! I haven’t seen a type of terrain he is not good at.

Here’s Drew with a back 5-0 on the biggest ramp in the whole park.

Here goes Bruce with a SSBSTS! Or for people who didn’t watch the CKY videos growing up it’s a Switch Stanch Backside Tailslide



John Norris told me his son got the confidence to try this transfer by watching him try it. That kid is fearless! Like his dad.

You know stuff is about to go down when Matt Fink shows up to the spot! Here’s him with a front 5-0 which I am sure is just a set up trick for something mind melting.

Matt Fink does another NBD at the park. The only other person I’ve seen nollie backside flip into a ramp is former skater of the year Ishod Ware. Pretty good company to be in.

The man, the myth, the legend…. Wyld Tymes is just getting warmed up with this back lip on the big quarter.

This is definitely one of the coolest photos I have ever taken. I’m not even sure what to call this. I kept saying “that Judo kick maneuver was sick!” but I’m sure that’s not what it is called. Looks kinda like a one footed Japan or Mute or something, I don’t know. Let’s just call it a “Wyld Air” that has a nice ring to it!


Just want to say thanks to all the friends who showed up for the shred for Markis event. He is a beloved human, amazing talent on and off the board and he will be deeply missed.


-Nate Cary