Roving Through Traffic (Riverside Edition)


I’m glad to finally get this segment going. Roving Through Traffic is a segment where we cruise the areas around town, hopefully doing a couple of tricks in the process. It’s not a grueling and serious video mission ever, it’s just simply capturing what it is like skating  everyday for FUN!

Recent transplants into town; Cassidy and his friend Aaron recently moved here from West Palm Beach. I frequently skate in the Riverside 5 Points area so it was only a matter of time until I ran into these folks. From their unorthodox choice of tricks to their willingness to skate obstacles that I never before saw as being “A Spot” I quickly grew interest into their type of skating. This video was filmed casually on three separate occasions right around the time before and after Hurricane Matthew. This video was a real treat to put together and I look forward to next month when we do a “Roving Through Traffic” through the streets of Downtown. Able Mag will be giving ya’ll a heads un on the when and where we are filming in the coming weeks. Please join us!

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