Kona Skatepark Sesh 2021

Our chief videographer Nate_cary is injured with a foot sprain but is more than happy to skate vicariously 🎥 through the homies that get up and skate Wednesday nights. @tonychandlerxxx @codybraswell94 @christaylor1469 @paultowkach @frontside_chill @___squirrel__ @hard_livn_skatemag @nick_manning29 @drew__hasselhoff @shreddy_brosivelt @willsk8s904 @byondthewall and more contributed to the rad sesh and good energy. Shout out to @juartdesign for ripping so hard despite recovering from a knee injury and thank you to the staff at @konaskatepark for letting @spankye3 get a few last tries after hours! RAW VIDEO BELOW

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